Content Management

Creating a content management tool to partners keep their profile up to date.


01/ Product and the context

Gympass is a wellness benefit that offers unlimited access to thousands of gyms, studios, activities, and APPs worldwide, helping people find an activity they love.


02/ Problem discovery


Gympass has more than 50.000.00 partners among Personal trainers, Gyms, and Studios. With the Gympass marketplace, they can be visible to millions of corporate users offering their classes and activities. To do this, they have a profile that they can show their pictures, describe their facility, and try to engage users to visit them. But in the current system, they don't have autonomy of this content every time something needs to be changed, Gympass partners have to send an email or call someone. This process is very frustrating and takes a lot of time for a simple task that is to update their profile.


03/ My role

As a product designer, my role was to lead the entire product discovery process in partnership with the Product Manager.

 • Workshop facilitation
• Benchmark
• High-fidelity prototype
• Usability tests
• Test analysis
• UI design


04/  Outcomes

Working closely with the developers to release the feature in one quarter and test the MVP with real customers.


05/  UI explorations



06/  Results


The MVP was tested with almost 500 partners in 2 weeks and guaranty a satisfaction rate that allowed us to release the product to 100% of users.